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on How CRM Retargeting Works:

Understanding the World of Targeting, Retargeting, and CRM Retargeting

Which approach is right for you? Behavioral and Site Retargeting are effective tools driven by specific online behaviors -- but are limited only to those behaviors that are extremely recent. CRM Retargeting allows you to reach customers from your own database, is not time-sensitive, and is highly complementary to either Behavioral or Site Retargeting. Check out the overview of their differences.







[Case Study] Busted Tees sees 390% ROI with CRM Retargeting


“This is a way that you can re-market to customers who have fallen off your marketing bandwagon. This is one of the best tools I know of that provides a channel to get  those people back into your funnel,” says Adam Schwartz, GM of Busted Tees. Click to view the full case study here.




The Future of Retargeting is CRM Retargeting

Online display spend is growing significantly and more online display impressions are being delivered than ever before. Advertisers are most excited about the potential of better targeting in online display (and are prepared to spend more to get it). CRM Retargeting marries the trust and effectiveness of CRM marketing with the precision and results of online display retargeting. It’s the best of offline and online. 

Reach Holiday Shoppers with Advanced Retargeting Tools

"Dynamic retargeting allows you to serve ads featuring products shoppers are most likely to be interested in, and Facebook retargeting has opened up the most popular social network to retargeting. CRM retargeting, which allows you to target display ads with nothing but an email or mailing address, can help you expand your retargeting pool. These three advanced retargeting tools can help increase your online advertising ROI and ensure that you have a happy holiday season."   Read More.

What Facebook's Phone and Email Retargeting Really Means

By introducing CRM Retargeting to the Mass Market, Facebook has set up 2013 to be the year of convergence between offline and online marketing. Read More.

CRM, Retargeting, and the Next Wave of Customer Dialogue (Video)

Watch the video above to see what this panel, featured at OMMA LA, had to say about metrics, client expectations, and digital versus offline.


But wait, there's More!

A 1 page rundown on CRM Retargeting, How it Works, and the Value Add

CRM Retargeting ads boost click through rates and lower CPMs while giving your customers a more  relevant brand experience. Triple the size of your retargeting pool (or more!), achieve
better online conversions, and get more value out of your CRM data.

Case Study: Leading Telco Company found a 10X Lift with CRM Retargeting

A Leading Telco wanted to improve the results of it's cross channel marketing efforts. Traditional online behavioral targeting was falling short for online display campaigns. With CRM Retargeting, they found the cost of conversion accross direct mail and online display decreased  significantly. Read more.


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